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On-Sight LaboratoryWhy Do I Need An Appraisal?

To determine the replacement cost for insurance purposes. An accurate appraisal is the key document to provide your insurance company with details of what makes your jewelry distinct. An accurate judgment of value will safeguard you from paying inflated premiums for over-valued items but also, a comprehensive appraisal will ensure that you receive equal or better replacement value in the event your jewelry is lost or stolen.

Some insurers have a repair or replace policy. This puts focus on the description of your jewelry as well as the value, making an accurate description of the distinctive characteristics of your piece critical to any appraisal.

To determine the Fair Market Value when required for estate purposes. This could include a list of the items in a taxable estate or to ensure equitable distribution among heirs.

To determine actual cash value in the case of an insured loss. Casualty is loss allowed by the IRS as an income deduction for lost items not recoverable by insurance based upon documentation that establishes values for the lost articles.

In the case of divorce. The parties or attorneys may request an appraisal for the dissolution of commonly held property.

In the event of a charitable donation. An appraisal is required if jewelry or gemstones are donated to a public institution, charity or museum.

Liquidation of assets as in the case of bankruptcy.

As documentation in the event you are selling the jewelry. In this case, we find it unethical and will not appraise your jewelry and then bid to purchase.

We would not suggest an appraisal simply because you are curious about the worth of Aunt Minnie’s brooch. In most cases we can quickly determine if an appraisal would be of any benefit to you.

How Long Will An Appraisal Take?

If you are leaving your jewelry you will receive a detailed receipt in about 5 minutes.

If you are not leaving your jewelry, please plan on spending about 45 minutes with us during the initial inspection of your jewelry in our store. For your protection as well as our edification we need to gather as much information as possible while you wait. We will first determine if the piece qualifies for an appraisal. Once this is established the jewelry will be cleaned, followed by a close inspection, noting the type and color of the metal and the construction techniques used. The types and number of stones and their current condition are also recorded as well as the condition of the jewelry on a scale from excellent to poor. Finally the piece is weighed and photographed.

If you have requested repairs or restoration prior to the evaluation of the piece this will, of course, add time, but the average turnaround time for research, evaluation and creation of the final paperwork is three business days. For an additional 30% fee we can provide you with same day/next day service, depending on the time of day we receive your jewelry.

Can You Send The Finished Appraisal To My Insurance Company?

We would be happy to fax or e-mail a copy of your appraisal to your insurance company with your approval.

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