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Laser Welding

One of the most important advancements in antique jewelry repair has been the advent of laser welding. There is always the possibility of damaging the piece when trying to do traditional repairs because of the high heat result from using a traditional jeweler’s torch. With the use of a laser, however, components can now be joined with high welding speeds, thin and small weld seams and low thermal distortion which translates into repairs that are virtually undetectible.

St Louis Jewelry Repairs

Laser technology available today has made the use of torch soldering obsolete. Lasers are stronger, stay with the karatage of the piece (no discoloration at the joints) and allow work to be done without the stress trauma of removing and resetting heat-sensitive stones.

In the past many older pieces of jewelry in need of repair would be scrapped. But our Rofin Performance 7000 Laser Welder is the perfect tool for the precision spot welding required in today’s jewelry repair. Contact us about this service.